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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 30, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EST

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breakfast companies if you have good ideas or entrepreneurial, they would appreciate it. that's s . welcome to "red eye cts. it is like "glee" with guns. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> our top story is a volkswagen again ad planned for the super bowl racist because of its use of a white guy with a jamaican accent? and how does al gore cfd -- defend al jazeera? and the office in charge of shutting down gitmo shuts down while a detention facility remains open. sadly president morisset was unavailable for comment. >> i don't get the joke. >> did you get that? >> not my fault. not my fault. >> no, it is not your fault.
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it is his fault. go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that hot tamales are called hot diane macedos. she can wave. weekdays on fox business network. and he is so funny he burps balloon animals. it is joe devito. and in norway he is considered clean next. kleenex. and if thoughtful commentary was by yule gee home -- by yule gee homework i would do him with a partner. he is the host of the john gibson show. weekdays at noon eastern. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. should they repent over an accent? well, the super bowl is almost here. it is a large bowl i order from the pottery barn. but also companies are starting to post their commercials on-line somewhere and the volkswagen again spot
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is being called racist by me. i have a feeling. let's watch this together. >> i hate mondays. >> those are the worst. >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> ya, man. >> don't fret me, brother. the sticky bun comes soon. >> ya. >> wicked coffee mr. gin. >> julia, turn the frown the other way around. >> dave, you are from minnesota, right? >> yes, aye. the land of 10,000 lakes. >> so in conclusion, things are pretty dismal. >> you know what this room needs? a smile. >> who want to come with i? ♪ traveling along there is a song we are singing ♪ ♪ come on get happy >> you are three minutes late. >> there not be a cloud on a sunny day.
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respect boss man. >> ♪ gonna make you happy. >> that's the power of german engineering. >> so far the response has been micked to say the least. on cnn, charles blow from something called "the new york times" called it black face with voices and adds barbara lipert went on" the today show" to claim that this is so racist. >> they are adorable. >> they really are. >> if you want to raise a raccoon, take notes. i grew up with one. hello to rocky. oh, he is deaf too.
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>> dye app, what do you -- diane, what do you think of this ad? racist, stupid or awesome? >> it is definitely not racist. the people calling it racist are a little of both of those things. first of all it is highlighting an accent which not all jamaican people are black. and it is highlighting the fact that jamaican people are known for being happy. how is it offensive? >> it is a positive at trough beaut. attribute. and it is saying, hey, they have a good -- what do you call it this it is a world view and everything is great. it is not like it is an insult. >> we are all focusing on the accent. is it a good ad? i thought it was a nothing burger. >> i think it is a good commercial, but -- >> it is racist because the guy is white as if there are no what jamaicans who -- white jamaicans who happen to speak that way. >> can i be honest with you? am i stupid for saying i have been to jamaica three times and never seen them do that.
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>> i went to high school with the girl her dad was the owner of red stripe and she was white and talked just like that. but here is the problem, the owner of red stripe what? come on. white? come on. >> sorry i interrupted you. i read this story about the press and the super bowl ads. there are millions of dollars and they had a hundred takes on the elevator scene. it looks like they are getting attention and you look at the ad and say is that ad good? it doesn't seem that great. >> we are talking about it and that's the important thing. it is either this or immigration and i will do this. joe is this case number 800gazillion? are people being offended over nothing? it is people in the media who are asked to comment on something. if you talk to anybody else it is like, what are they talking
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about? >> nothing says high quality german engineering like him doing the jamaican ad. it is not racist, but it is more confused and trying too hard. if this had been an ad for come to jamaica, it will improve your attitude, it will be a good ad. but it has nothing to do with the product. >> so what you are saying is they should have been talking like germans. >> that might have been fun if they had done that. >> or would it have been funny? >> remember who invented it? >> say it was an ad for cheddar cheese and you saw a rastafaran with the accept it might booy funny. maybe. it is such a bad ad and doesn't anybody stand up and say this has nothing to do with our product.
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>> we have bill being killed over and over again and it was off the charts. >> it was painful for me. >> how was this anymore racist than not to go back to it, but the red striped tabi. in this ad at least jamaican michigan guy can speak in complete sentences. that to me is offensive. >> does that mean all actresses and actors have to be specific? you can't have gwenyth paltrow play a brit anymore. or renee zellweger, "bridget jones diary" and that movie would not exist if we didn't allow her to adopt the british accent. >> it has to account for something which is why i find
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this case confusing. i don't see how it is do roughing terry -- derogatory, but i think it is stupid. >> let me tell you where it gets weird. if you do a japanese accent while speaking japanese, that's good. if you do a japanese accent where are you pretending the japanese person is trying to speak english, that's not good, right? >> when they were gaming this thing out in the meeting did they say, you know, the today show and charles lowe will declare this racist? of course they did. why did they go ahead? they wanted somebody to call it racist. >> but there was a star burst campaign where the guy was supposed to be talking about being scotch korean. the continue -- the contridictions made it silly. did it help sell a product? i don't know. star burst is one thing and volkswagen agains is another. >> i object to charles blow
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going by charles blow. to the best of my knowledge he has never done cocaine. >> you haven't been to his place. >> you know the real victims in this will be the simpsons when they watch this and they see the guy in the 7-eleven or the convenience store. they will go, i can't believe that that actually existed. that is what will happen. >> i think the most racist commercial rtz ones where they can't let black women act like normal women. black women have to be sassy and these over the top butterfly mcqueen voices when they are selling fabric softener. that is a much more racist portrayal than this is. >> i want to be sassy. >> let's go back to the simpsons thing. look at their skin tone. that offends everyone with help tie sis c. >> that is so true. what they are referring to is you, bill. >> we are all brothers in jaundice. >> from ads to pads has obama turned a corner when it comes
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to pop warner. he said he is not sure he would let a barak junior play pee wee pigskin. quote, if i had a son i would have to think long and hard before i let him play football. those of us who love the sport will have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. at least one player in sunday's big game agrees with obama and says the baltimore raven safety, ed reid, quote, i am not forcing football on my son. i guess that's why he plays safety. safety first. am i right? look at some highlights from the past season in the nfl. >> i am beginning to see president obama's point. do you believe the president
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actually is a big football fan, or is this just like skeet shooting? more likely he is a football fan than a skeet shooter. these college players are whacking each other and scrambling their brains. they reduced hitting practice to one a week and college players do it every day. if i had a kid i would agree with obama on this one. >> i don't know let's be honest. they don't hit each other when they are that small. >> but when they get to college they do. >> but what if you realize your college kid could be a star? >> all of that precautionary thinking goes out the window it is like, he is finding a vacation home outside of mill -- mill pea ties, california. jay he talks about this imaginary son of his. i would feel bad if i was his son. >> we get. it dad.
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you wanted a boy. >> and a lot of girls play youth football. there is a lot of girls in the youth football sports. tant the immune system is. say they tear an acl and then you realize college sports are really just a foreign league for the professionals. i think that's wrong. once you are making millions of dollars a year, then maybe as you invest it you can pay for any health complications that might come up. but if you are a college kid who is being exploited by this, that's where the real problem is. >> i think, diane, there is a bit of a political divide going on here. just because of the lack there are no politics here i would like to talk about risk versus
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reward ssments president obama re. prom reflects the mind set that there shouldn't be risk in this world. why you should be taken care of from cradle to grave. to get things in life you have to take a risk. you might get paid and great looking girls. isn't that what life is about is taking a risk? >> what the president is trying to argue and what these guys are saying too is the risk and the reward is not as much in college as when you are in the nfl. this said, they are adults and making the choice to play. there are dialogues out there and they are getting information about the repercussions from these injuries. if that means parents say my son is not going to play football anymore you may see the ncaa and nfl come out to prevent injuries. you look at boxing and the intention behind the sport is
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to destroy the other opponent to the point is they are so injured. cheerleading has more injuries than football. >> bill as a tumbler has been dropped on his head. >> football gets a lot of attention because there is a lot of money involved and a lot of fame involved and a lot of popularity to the sport itself. but it is not the most dangerous sport out there. people need to keep this in perspective and remember that adults are playing the game. >> how many cheerleaders are catfished? there is a difference. >> there is a discrepancy about what the nfl does and what the ncaa does. if you are letting these kids go out at college level who are big people and strong and hitting hard and bang each other in the head five times a week and the nfl only lets it happen one time a week, something tells you maybe the nfl has it right and the ncaa doesn't. >> you would think the nfl would be the one setting the tone on that and not the other way around. jay --
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>> they are worried about lawsuits jie. there are 4,000 lawsuits against them from the players. >> let's say you are barak's imaginary son. >> i wish. >> dad, i want to play football. it is not great. okay, what do i play then? extra curricular activities generally keep you from doing other things. what would you play? soccer? that's where people fake injuries. >> soccer has a high injury rate in the youth league. >> no, it is a fake injury rate. >> come on, barack obama all he cares about is basketball and golf. his son would play basketball and golf you. >> or basket golf. i want to move on. from football to hard ball. is his pay day bigger than earth day? this morning matt lauer if that is his real name gave al gore the business on his recent sale to al jazeera. >> here is the guy who just sold current tv to al jazeera who gets an undetermined
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amount of funding from caw tar and gets their money from oil researches. reserves. isn't there a contridiction in that? >> i understand the crypt, but i disagree with it. i think al jazeera has long since established itself as a really distinguished and effective news gathering organization. >> but getting funding from a country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels and fossil fuels are the enemy, you targeting climate change, isn't there huh poke craw see in that? >> i get the criticism, but i disagree with it. >> that is an amazing response. i get the criticism, but i disagree with it. that doesn't make any sense. "red eye" scottish terrier players have agreed to demonstrate the type of wind energy wind mills can produce.
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>> that is delightful. i have to say that is it is first time i have ever seen matt lauer come out like a pittbull. >> it is not al jazeera is funded by quatar, al gore got the money. you took $100 million of dirty, oily money. let's talk al jazeera. a news gathering organization? >> they don't have terrorist training talk shows anymore? >> that's good nice. >> what do you think? >> it is okay if you don't live an environmentally conscious life, but other people want to. that sounds like standard al gore to me. >> i just love -- i love that response. i am using that. i understand your criticism, but i am disagreeing with it.
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it is like what difference does it make? >> it is up there with was anybody offended? if you said to someone in 2002 if they said i bet al gore sells his tv network to al jazeera people would have rolled their eyes saying now you are exaggerating. now that it is here it goes to show, and i wish this was something where my liberal friends would know that when you start waiving money principals go out the window fast. >> go ahead and waive. >> is it as dead as your soul? >> i never had a soul to begin with. >> that's why i never flinch no matter what the question. >> he reasoned that al jazeera was okay despite the oil background money because they had award-winning reporting on global warming. what is this? this is carbon offsets. as long as you do a little one
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it is okay that that happened as well. >> that is the notion behind carbon outfits. they have given a lot of burn notices, a lot of them. but i have a feeling he is counting his millions right now. >> we have to take a break. you would rather be anybody. >> should unattractive people be used as crash test dummies? diane macedo on how she will fix the economy. are we in the middle of a chicken wing crisis? is it the same as 1973? no.
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they tried to rip a snack made for dip. last week two employees of a food distribution center were caught stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings. it is unclear what they planned to do with the pilfered poultry. but it is at an all-time high. according to the national chicken council, the companies produced fewer birds in 2012 mostly due to record prices for chicken feed, ie corn. they say it should be turned into the fuel, ethanol. bottom line, i have eight anybody pells -- nipples. what does it mean for our pets? are they getting enough to eat?
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>> crows are very, very smart birds i have been told. and they are marvelous lovers. joe, they stole $65,000 worth of chicken. at today's price that was 65 wings. who do you blame? >> you know, when i first read about that it didn't occur to me they would try to resell them. this is edible copper. >> they are talking talking about how we are having these weird problems with corn prices and food prices are 2ing up so much. we have too many fat people and it is hard to get it off the ground here. >> the problem is you can't get past the name because they made the movie. they have to call it something else.
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like people crackers. >> and they are made from people. you say it is okay. it is called people crackers. >> people crackers. >> we know the problem here. we are taking food out of people's mouths and putting them into the gas tanks. we have the starvation crisis. and this is all bizarre to me. >> and we came from a time where corn was so abundant that they were searching for things to do with it. that's how we ended up with high fructose corn syrup and something went wrong. >> my apartment is made of corn. i made the corn myself. >> chicken wings first. >> yes. >> i actually saw a couple of decades of super bowls before they were chicken wings that were not attached to the whole chicken. you will get e-mail about this. corn farmers arranged this
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with the u.s. congress. it causes prices to go up. it is dumb to put cornflakes in the gas tank so we have to pay more for the cornflakes and we shouldn't do it. this illustrates it. >> is it the fault of the corn farmer? >> yes, they jammed it through. they got a requirement and a certain number of billions of gallons of ethanol, and it is made from corn and they sell more corn and sell it at higher prices. >> what is great is tomorrow on "the five" i will say everything he just said. >> as we know the buck stops where, gentlemen? the oval office. and what sort of monstrous president would start a precedent like this? george w bush. everything you talked about it
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was bush, bush, bush. 1.5 billion of grants and loans went into the practice of ethanol. and bush in 2008 says it makes sense for them to be growing. our goal is to make this the new energy within six years. it has been longer than six years, sir. are you a monster. >> this was before fracking. we thought we had to pour gasoline in the cornflakes and why don't we stop? >> we condemn you, w, collectively. >> he is no longer president. >> he did all of this. >> if obama can take credit for killing osama bin laden which was in part due to the work done by the previous administration it is his fault for the chicken. thank you. >> can we have a drone strike on bill? >> you can't drone strike the
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truth. >> no you can't drone strike a drone. >> i take that as a complement. it is deadly. >> do you have a comment on the show? it is red eye at fox go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by bubble wrap. the plastic wrap containing many pockets and used as a protective covering. thanks bubble wrap.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> you know me. >> i ray don't. i really don't. >> i don't think anybody should. >> maybe if you came to the mixers more often. everybody comes to the mixers but you. >> they all leave with different parts. >> that is true, my friend. >> it would be good if you came to one of the mixers. >> when is the next one? >> 2020. >> i will be there. >> you said we are all focusing on the accept, but is it a good ad? you don't think it is. i think it is cute. >> glad you like it. i think it sucks.
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>> andy hates jamaican. >> quite the opposite. ah-contrare. >> talk, greg. >> what? joy -- joe you said it is a bad ad and again i think it is too. the po nie t is that the beatle makes you happy. i bought three after seeing the ad. >> isn't that the way commercials work these days ? >> it is an effective commercial. >> it is called a soft sell. >> that's what you want to do in the super bowl ad. >> i believe that's what the mad men call it. >> i don't understand the jar done.
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>> did anybody catch it? >> who is that? >> you lived in evening land, didn't you? >> what is he talking about? >> the phrase chill winston that comes from an old tv show in the late 80s. >> this is why andy is the only buds man. >> you know what i mean by it taking too long? >> i need to read your notes more closely. >> you asked how this is more racist than the other deal. >> i saw people saying saying that today. >> call me, people. we will have a drink. >> you said vw probably wanted
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you to call it racist for the publicity. we should point out that the chief marketing officer said, quote, we did our homework to make sure we were not offensive. >> right. that is like the al gore answer. >> he gets the criticism, but he disagrees with it. there was talk that they have a back up ad for the super bowl and that they might use it if this is too controversial. usa today says they have made their call and they will add the jamaican spot during the super bowl. >> what was the back up ad? >> it was apparently a bunch of people who were famous from youtube gathered on a hill together. you didn't think i was going to know that, did you? >> i was opening it up for you to say a potentially worse idea involving an ago sent. an accent which you didn't go for.
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>> i went for the truth. >> it would have been funnier if they said there is blank doing blank. >> i was told it was a vawdville act -- a vaudville act. >> i think as i proved most nights it is not my job to be funny. >> president obama said if he had a sun it would be tough to let him play football. once he said he agreed with the president i blacked out. >> would obama take his imaginary son skeet shooting with him? >> one supposes. >> greg you said this was about risk, safety and reward. the question is, are they taking risks that they are fully aware of or not aware of? a lot of information is coming out now about the concussions and stuff like that. you have guys that devoted
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their careers to this and not realize realize -- realizing what was going on. >> and that's why there are thousandses of lawsuits. the damage concussions can do to a person and several others involved. that's coming out now. that part is done. now it is a matter of how to react to it. >> andy, isn't it ironic that president obama had an ab september -- an absent father and he has an absent son? >> not really. >> what was the other word besides oi ron nick? >> i don't know. >> . less? pointless? not a thing? >> it came to me about a minute ago. >> how about the interest vaw with obama sitting next to the concussioned hillary clinton? >> maybe obama's son was in the empty chair with clint eastwood. >> i am your father.
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>> on tuesday the players union announced they are giving a grant to harvard to study health problems affecting current and former players. >> that's a good thing. >> there is no question that there is a problem. but keeping your kids out of pop warner, i don't know. but as you move up in the world and you get into the higher parts of risk, the reward becomes greater. people make those decisions. >> it is a problem that exists in many other realms and many or sports and not just football. >> the military. there are guys that risk so much for -- well they risk it for their country, but in terms of finances that are very small and come back with far less injuries. you can turn that around and at least they #r* rushing their health for a good cause
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where they are doing it for entertainment. >> it is to make us happy or in your case try. >> there is an upside to the story that is depressing. >> obama's imaginary son was dating manti te'o. that's very good. >> john, you said lowry asked the wrong question. it is not about al jazeera getting its money from the gutter oil money, but it is the same thing? that's what lowry was asking. >> no, but he -- the way he says it is don't you have a little bit of contridiction that you are selling this to people who use the oil money to buy you. buy you? nice slip. that's what it is. they give you $100 million of oil money. don't you feel a little bad about that?
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>> yes, i thought that's what he was in essence saying. >> but not saying it. >> i get the criticism. i agree with it. >> is there a chicken wing shortage? >> you brought up the big chicken that says corn is more expensive in part because of the federal government requiring that 40% of the job be turned into ethanol. >> right. >> big bio fuel says they get 17% of the corn crop used for renewable fuel production because when you produce bio fuels you have a co product which is distiller grains. if you know anything about the corn game you know the distiller grain are sold for beef cattle. it smells foul to me. >> it is all a cycle. >> i will send you some of the pamphlets on the corn games. >> are you making me rethink this as a monologue for
3:41 am
tomorrow. >> i think the answer to this problem is clear. we need genetically modified chicken with 16 wings. why is nobody thinking about this. >> that is a good point. >> here are a couple of headlines. chicken wing shortage forces sports bar to punt. that's from november 16th, 2009. that's from 2009. chicken wing raise sends them soaring from 2010. there is nothing new here. >> but you recognized two great puns in there. >> if there was not enough reason to reduce ethanol, the industry group growth energy which is the ethanol people, they run the chicken council statement and called it unsports man like conduct. and then they called penalties on them like roughing the facts and accused them of committing a personal foul. but they didn't spell fowl
3:42 am
with a w. if you are making a pun take it to its conclusion. >> it is the national chicken council 2013 wing report. every year they come out with a wing report. >> they should have sliped them the bird. >> the most ironic thing is the corn growers and the chicken wing people now have beef. >> i am done. >> i think i learned something. i am not doing this story tomorrow on "the five." it is too complicated. ethanol sucks. that's what we know, ethanol sucks. the rest, eh. coming up, what makes a great super bowl party? diane macedo shares her favorite appetizer, a bowl of pencil erasers covered in cat spit. >> what? >> yes. first, what is up with gitmo? gitmo was wondering the same thing about you.
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people started putting it elsewhere. what am i talking about? they are a little behind, and thousand he is reassigned. yes, the special envoy, i was one of those, for shutting down guantanamo bay will be moved elsewhere. he will focus more on yoga and who wouldn't? yoga is great for you. so the office foreclosing gitmo has closed. it is a signal that the obama administration has done some things that are realistic despite repeated statements otherwise. for more let's go to our reporter in guantanamo bay. >> that is not a lemur. >> have you been to the san francisco zoo and seen them? >> slow loriss -- everything
3:47 am
in san francisco is fabulous. if you watch "red eye." slow loris is anything on the planet that matter. what i don't understand is when you look at that face why isn't that animal in anybody's home. there must be something evil about the slow loris that prevents it. >> they wander around your house while you are sleeping. >> i would love to have one jumping on my bed. they must spit or poop. they must fling poop at you. >> i would take it happily. >> i cannot -- i will let him [bleep]. >> you finally have gone too far. >> did i go too far? >> will that have to be edited out? >> no, we will add volume to it. >> we are not adding volume.
3:48 am
>> i can get behind that. >> we are dropping audio on that sentence. >> we are dropping a deuce on all of this. >> >> now we only have a minute to talk about this. >> john, get me, did you ever think it was going to be closed? >> no, i knew that guy would be out of a job. >> that's funny. >> what are they going to do with these people? >> nobody wants them. isn't that the point that we tried to give them away, but nobody wants them gitmo was the best thing we have had. >> of course you identified that these people are really bad men and troublemakers. what exri will say, we will take them back. let the u.s. feed them and pay for them? >> these people, joe? they are called terrorists and and -- terrorists nonamericans. get real. >> it would be great if the office closed and they became a drone manufacturer facility.
3:49 am
i never hear them call him out on it. >> no i am going get to that point, but i want to bring diane in there. it is an interesting point and perhaps that will be my monologue tomorrow. do you think the people didn't call him out on this is because he is just not george bush and not barack obama and they say okay? >> there is a question of motive and who wants this done and who doesn't? saying you want to be rid of gitmo is nice in theory. the obama administration did a study and they said at least four dozen of these guys can't be prosecuted, but they are too dangerous to released. there is no where else to put them. that's the bottom line. >> you can totally identify with this. nobody else wants you. you have no place to go. >> i am waiting for the inflection at the end of the sentence. >> why fake it? why pretend to ask the question? >> that was the question. i don't know. why would you?
3:50 am
>> i have an answer. okay, obama just for fun should -- what are you waiving? >> she was saying hi.
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all right, the final topics should government aide rest on good grades?
3:54 am
tennessee lawmakers, are there any other kind, introduced a new bill that will tie them to school performance. they said it would force parents to take a more active role in their kids' education. he tells fox, nothing motivates people like money. we have done little to hold parents accountable. it is unacceptable to have this level of poverty continue. i couldn't agree more. john thoughts? >> how hard is it to get a d minus? all you have to do is show up. >> that's true. that's the problem. these parents' kids aren't going to school. >> the parents are jerks for not getting them to school. i don't know if that is true. >> you can't place the well being of a family on a kid who is coming from a family that is not well off. that being said getting your child to school is not a burden on the child, it is a
3:55 am
burden on the parent. they #r* paying them money to fulfill their responsibility. get them to school. i don't think there should be a grade requirement on this, but you should get your kid to their classroom and not at 11:00 in their pajamas. >> perhaps you can better that commentary with witty remark. >> i don't blame them. what he could have said was we will give you more money for improved grade performance. he said they are not doing well and we will have to cut your money which is a different message. you can argue it means the same thing but it does president. it doesn't. they are in a bad way. if you say to them, if you are able to devote any extra time there will be incentives for that. >> put it this way, should you be able to fluth k out of
3:56 am
welfare? >> that's hard to do. >> not under this law. >> that's more of bill's house. >> he has no welfare. >> i do have a wheel house. >> but have you a lot of wheels. have you 30 seconds. i of on erred to be -- i offered to be a truant officer to make sure they get to school. but there is a truant officer in front of this truant officer. i blame reagan. >> which reagan, be specific. >> just say yes. >> oh i thought you were going to say -- >> reagan from "the exorcist." blame her. she is creepy. >> we are running out of show. no post game wrap up tonight. andy had to get home early. something about a cat as usual. he is actually using his cat to do the musical cat. thank you, diane, bill schulz,
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joe devito. that does it for me. i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern. for "the five."
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